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Integrate with your repository and empower the development process with agile localization.


Keep source and translation files in sync between your GitLab repository and projects.


Ship minimum viable changes, instantly synchronizing the source and translation files.

Azure Repos

Sync source and translated content between your repository on Azure Repos and the project.

Google Play

Collect of all the text from the store page and add translations to the app’s page in just a few clicks.

Android Studio

Automatically upload new source strings and instantly download translated content.


Over-the-air content delivery for Android apps. Deliver new translations with no need to update your application.


Over-the-air content delivery for iOS apps. Deliver new translations with no need to update your application.

Visual Studio Code

Send your source files from VS Code to your project in and pull ready translations back.

Jira Software

Keep track of issues related to source strings and translations.


Get progress updates and notifications on your Slack channel.
Help Center & Docs

Zendesk Guide

Publish multilingual content without developer involvement.


Streamline content translation to support your global customers.

Wix Answers

Make customer service multilingual.

Google Drive

Upload text for translation directly from your Drive.


Automate translation of content on your pages and artboards into multiple languages. Quickly generate language-specific assets.


Translate your designs and preview content in different languages with no programming needed.

Adobe XD

Use real texts in your designs and create new text strings right within XD. Translate designs and share preview or screenshots with translators.
Other Apps


Synchronize your marketing content between Mailchimp and Crowdin. Send translated files to your Mailchimp account.


Translate your forms and surveys from Typeform directly in the platform we use.


Upload content for translation directly into your Crowdin project. Save translated files to your Dropbox storage.


Translate your content to reach your audience in their native language.


Upload your content for translation directly into the project and instantly download the translated files.


Upload content for translation directly into the project in a few clicks and save translated files to your Drive.


Synchronize your marketing content between Sendgrid and the online platform in a few clicks and send the translated files to Sendgrid.

Simple Term Extractor

Create a termbase from the source files in the project with Simple Term Extractor application.

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